18 June 24

Randonautica 3: Discover & Themes

Check out the latest update to the public beta. We have fixed a bunch of bugs and added many new things. Most importantly: it is now also available for iOS! Check this updated article for how to participate in the beta test!

When we launched Discover in October 2021 we did not anticipate the enthusiasm with which it was embraced by the Randonauts worldwide, who keep sharing trip reports and engaging in

3 May 24

Randonautica 3: Bookmarks

One of the most requested features has finally been implemented in the new beta test app:

Sortable Bookmarks

The Bookmark list items now feature icons indicating the point type by its color code. We also added some extra information about each bookmark: how far it is away from the user's current location and its Z-Score and Power values. For those of you who like to add notes to your bookmarks, the first line of that text is now als

26 April 24

Discover the Magic of Three

Following last month's release of the Randonautica 3 Public Beta app for Android into the 'Open Testing' tier of the Google Play Store we have just followed up with the iOS Public Beta on Testflight.

If you would like to already try out the new design and get new features to play with every week until the final release, here is what you have to do to join the beta program:


Visit this link ht

19 April 24

Randonautica 3: Initiation

Behold Randonautica 3, a complete overhaul of our app that will introduce many new features when we will release the final version this spring. If you would like to try out the new design already and get new features to play with, week by week until the official release, please stay tuned. We will publish an article about that here in the next days.

We came a long way from the previous version, even though it might not be so obvious when you first open it. The overhaul has bee

11 November 23

Phreaking the Stasis Field

Exciting News! Our Project Manager Toby launched his own channel on YouTube called "Phreaking the Stasis Field" in which he promises to publish controlled Randonautica 'leaks' and uncontrolled thoughts on randomness and contingency.

In the first episode he introduces Randonaut Co. the makers of the Randonautica App and talks about his role in it.

31 October 23

Randonautica tribute to Matthew Perry

🌟 Unveiling Randonautica: A Tribute to Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) with Vicky 🌟

A sad but sunny day in Manchester UK, October 2023. Join Vicky as she takes you on a heartfelt journey through the p

9 August 23

Randonautica in Barcelona Part 2

Have you ever seen such an ACCURATE Randonautica find?! Co-founder Auburn & UK Correspondent Vicky hit the streets of Barcelona in part 2 of this European special.

Auburn goes into ‘time travel’ theory on this one - learn more about how it may work in the help section of the app, or buy our book.

Not only did they use Randonautica for bizarre and spooky manifestations, they used the app to find hidden parts of the city and excellent eateries. Use Randonautica as your tour g

25 July 23

Randonautica in Barcelona Part 1

Co-founder Auburn and I went to Barcelona to Randonaut - turns out the app is the ultimate tour guide, food finder & miracle-worker.

Part 2 coming soon…

22 June 23

Spooky Solstice Walk

Ugh! I went on a solstice Rando IN A BAD MOOD and the instant I stepped out, a very localised storm dropped heavy rain on me, then I got dead birds, a scary tree, two vagrants, a burnt out playground, a ‘gallows’, an altar, a rat and a weird woman who was right at the attractor.

Took the BF to the same place in the evening and there was a teen with a FLAME THROWER. And then on the way back we saw another RAT.

Honestly my spookiest Rando trip ever. And the moral of the story is -

13 June 23

Rando-Short: The Physics Enigma

The Physics Enigma: Randonautica’s Startling Link to the Building Blocks of the Universe